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Obviously, the most environmentally friendly way to use is a car is not to. However, it is very hard to organise your life around not having a car, particularly in Milton Keynes, with a bus service that will rarely take you where you need to go in a reasonable time at an affordable price (for example, Hodge Lea to Linford Wood for work by bus over 90 mins at a cost of over £4.80 per day; by car, about 7 minutes less than £1.50 per day). That said, many people do not realise how close they are walking to shopping areas using the redways, which avoid the need to cross roads (e.g. Great Linford to City Centre, 25 mins one way, cost zero). Still, there are times when for many busy people with families, cars are the only solution.

CHALLENGE: How many car journeys a week can you eliminate? Let us know and send us your comments.

There has been a lot of debate recently about whether electric cars are really more sustainable and more environmentally friendly than petrol/diesel. It would be foolish to dismiss all the arguments – the environmental, political and social problems in sourcing lithium for batteries or the amount of particles generated from tyres and the road surface because electric cars are heavier – however, recent research has found that electric cars are hundreds of times less wasteful than fossil fuel vehicles. Read the article here…


Network Rail published its sustainability strategy in Sep 2020. You can read it here.

The East-West line between Oxford and Cambridge is being built through Bletchley. More information on the proposals and some of the pros and cons of the scheme can be found here.


Use the redways. They are a wonderful resource in Milton Keynes – where else can you walk for 25 miles within the borough boundaries without crossing a major road. More information and a map here.


If you are unhappy or have comments or suggestions about bus services in Milton Keynes, here are the contact details for the Bus Users Group.

Milton Keynes Bus Users Group (MKBUG) is keen to hear views and feedback from other bus users, and work with Milton Keynes Council to resolve issues.

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