Related Local Initiatives and Organizations

We are putting together a directory of activities related to the low carbon economy, sustainability, and the climate crisis in and around Milton Keynes. 
If you would like to be included, please
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Bletchley Garden Club
A garden club, which runs events open to members and members of the public
Area of operation: Bletchley

Buckinghamshire Community Energy
Helps communities and businesses cut carbon emissions and save on energy bills
Area of operation: MK wide

Bucks Star Beer
Solar-powered microbrewery offering fresh local pure zero-waste beer 
Area of operation: MK wide

Climate Cafe MK
Discussion group with regular forums to share ideas and information about addressing the climate crisis
Area of operation: MK

Future Wolverton
A membership based Community Benefit Society with a mission to establish Wolverton as a thriving and sustainable town within the city of Milton Keynes
Transition Theme: Sustainability
Website: Future Wolverton | Community Benefit Society

Intu MK Green Gym
Aims to improve volunteers’ health and wellbeing through outdoor activities to improve Community Gardens in Central Milton Keynes.  It’s free, all equipment and instruction is provided and no previous experience is needed. Intu Green Gym is part of TVC, the Community Volunteering Charity. 

MK Cycling Forum
A group of local citizens and cycling groups interested in promoting more cycling around Milton Keynes
Area of Operation: across MK

Mid Shires Orchard Group
Aims to conserve and promote enjoyment and use of the local orchards and rich ‘top fruit’ traditions of the four ‘mid-shires’ counties of Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire.
Area of Operation: Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire.
Transition Theme: Environment

MK Biergarten
Milton Keynes’ first micropub and bottle shop. The shop runs regular events, including beer tasting and twice monthly food nights, which showcase local producers. 
Transition theme: Food 

MK Community Energy
A consortium of community led renewable energy projects sharing resources, knowledge and expertise 
Transition theme: Energy
WebsiteMKCE (

MK Community Fridge 
A community initiative designed to help residents and businesses reduce food waste and build stronger community bonds
Themes: Food, waste and recycling

MK Doughnut Economics
TTMK’s project group using the doughnut economics model at a local level to challenge top-down thinking and meet the needs of people within the means of the living planet.
Areas of operation: MK wide

MK Food Revolution
A social enterprise looking to support people to buy locally produced food 
Area of operation: MK wide
Transition themes: Food

MK LetNet
Local network of member based organisation which exchanges ideas, skills, socialising
Free membership, web based only, Facebook – members only page. Communicate  by e-mail (full membership or individual) or telephone. Fun currency (concrete cows) or £s as per negotiation
Area of operation: MK Wide
Transition theme: Skills sharing

MK Peace and Justice Network
Milton Keynes Peace and Justice Network was founded in 1984. It has become a focal point for people living in the Milton Keynes area who are concerned about the condition of our world, who care about issues such as world poverty, environmental destruction, threats to peace and denial of human rights, and who want to do something about them.
Area of operation: MK Wide
Transition themes: Sustainability

Planting Up MK
TTMK’s project group empowering people to create community gardens that connect us to natural world and each other in growing food, enhancing wildlife habitats, and cultivating our communities for positive health and wellbeing.
Area of operation: MK Wide
Transition themes: Resilience, Food, Skill-sharing, Environment

Still Green Cohousing
Still Green is building a socially diverse and self-reliant neighbourhood of sustainable homes in a cohousing scheme for members aged 50 and upwards. Residents, both owner occupiers and tenants, will have their own separate dwellings and share common facilities including a common house where we can relax together and share some meals. We are planning to create a secure and supportive environment for the second half of life where we can be active and engaged with others when we want to and have peace and quiet in our own home when we don’t.
Area of operation: Wolverton
Transition themes: Housing

Swan Credit Union (formerly MK Credit Union)
Provide a local savings and credit facility for those who either live/work in MK or both.
Credit Unions are set up by statute and are overseen by the FSA and so savings are protected under the financial services compensation scheme. Loans provided against level of savings 
Area of operation: MK Wide
Transition themes: Personal and Community Finance

The Parks Trust
Charity which manages over 5000 acres of open space and encourages communities and individuals to get involved through volunteering, community projects, events and educational activities.
Area of operation: MK Wide
Transition themes: Environment

Urb Farm
The Urb Farm is a social enterprise project that is part of the Milton Keynes Christian Foundation. The farm’s main aim is to work with young people and individuals requiring assistance in a new direction through horticulture. They learn all aspects of market gardening, from sowing seeds, planting, marketing and selling, and in addition they gain government-recognised functional skills and vocational qualifications.
Seasonal fruit, vegetables and flowers are grown without any chemicals. The chickens on the farm are fed quality feed making the most delicious eggs. With its own bee hives and an abundance of flowers, the honey produced is delicious and a local delicacy. Seasonal gifts and products are also made such as jams, preserves, hampers and Christmas wreaths.
The Urb Farm sell to the public at the farm and take orders via its Veggie Mail scheme every Tuesday, with veg harvested ready for collection on Fridays at the Christian Foundation.
Area of operation: MK Wide but based in Wolverton
Transition themes: Food, Skills sharing

Wolverton Community Energy
Wolverton Community Energy is a community owned energy hub rooted in historical Wolverton. Our ambition is to transform the rooftops on our Wolverton industrial park buildings to create renewable solar energy. We will invest any surpluses we generate directly back into our communities. We will upgrade the fabric of our commercial and community buildings, improving energy efficiency, cutting costs for businesses and improving the environment for employees. We will also invest in long-term fuel poverty relief focussed on initiatives to help our vulnerable neighbours struggling to keep warm.
Area of operation: Wolverton
Transition themes: Energy