“Shrink by 20%” Carbon Footprint Challenge

Twenty per cent carbon footprint challenge

Now that COP26 and the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have made it clear that we all need to take urgent action to minimise greenhouse gas emissions, can we all reduce our individual carbon footprints by 20%?

What is a Carbon Footprint?

It is the amount of greenhouse gases that are added to the atmosphere by our activities.

First Step

Measure your carbon footprint using a comprehensive tool – here are three examples: World Wildlife Fund or Small World Consulting or the app Earth Hero (available on Android and Apple).

Second Step

Work out what your footprint would be if you reduced it by 20% by multiplying your figure by 0.8. If it is currently 20 annual tonnes CO2e, it would become 16; if it is currently 14 annual tonnes CO2e, it would become 11.2.

Third Step

Propose some steps and implement them one at a time. The calculator on Small World Consulting allows you to play with some “what if ” scenarios, while the WWF calculator has an app that allows you to set yourself and track challenges. Earth Hero simultaneously calculates and offers challenges and ideas. Share your results and spread the word.

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Read Prof Mike Berners-Lee’s book “How Bad are Bananas?” for easily accessible data about the carbon footprint of most of the things we do, buy and consume.