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3rd World Conference on Climate Change & Sustainability

The 3rd World Conference on Climate Change & Sustainability (Climate Week 2024), is an annual gathering that brings together scientists, business experts, government professionals, and stakeholders from various sectors. The conference serves as a dynamic platform for discussions on the multifaceted aspects of climate change and its intricate relationship with sustainability and global warming. Beyond a traditional scientific conferences, Climate Week 2024 endeavors to transcend disciplines and connect different stakeholder groups and practitioners.

The core objective of Climate Week 2024 is to provide a vibrant platform for discussions on climate and sustainability societies. The aim is to foster an environment that sparks innovative ideas and lays out clear pathways for their practical implementation. As one of the leading european conference in this field, attendees can expect to delve into the most recent developments and issues related to climate change. This three-day scientific gathering will feature keynote sessions covering a wide spectrum, including the effects of climate change, climate policies (such as clean energy policies), air quality measures, subsidy reform, smart agriculture, sustainable food systems, educational and civil society involvement, nature-based solutions, and more.

Climate Week 2024 has been designed to bring together a diverse range of exploration and case studies from around the world, offers contemporaneous sessions and numerous networking opportunities. Attendees will engage with leading experts from organizations, agencies, business leaders, scientists, global and regional companies, investors, academia, entrepreneurs, and more. The focus is on collaborative efforts to deliberate and mitigate the climate crisis through sustainable business solutions, disruptive technology, and advanced knowledge.

The impacts of climate change, from warming temperatures to changes in precipitation patterns, sea-level rise, and increased vulnerability to extreme weather events, are escalating each year. Alongside efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, scientists and researchers are actively exploring innovative ways to remove and store carbon dioxide—a key area of focus in the fight against climate change. This year’s Climate event aims to inspire visitors by showcasing incredible technologies that, when combined with substantial emission reductions, have the potential to significantly reduce the environmental impact of industries we rely on daily, from transportation and travel to agriculture and construction.

For these compelling reasons, we anticipate a high-quality participation and engaging discussions, especially with the easing of border control measures worldwide. We look forward to welcoming you to Barcelona, Spain!


Oct 21 - 23 2024


09:00 - 18:00



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