Carbon footprint

Library of Ideas: Learn your food’s carbon footprint

Find out the carbon footprint of your food using a carbon footprint calculator.

Start with this Follow The Food interactive calculator from the BBC to discover how what you eat impacts the environment. Use it to calculate your favourite food and drink’s carbon footprint and to see what you could substitute to make a difference.

Further information: 

BBC Climate Change Food Calculator shows how your food intake compares to emissions of driving, heating a home and consuming water.

Eat Lower Carbon compares the carbon foodprint of different meals, and tests your knowledge on common foods.

Food Carbon Emissions Calculator provides a comprehensive approach to calculating your foodprint. It accounts for transport, waste, and quantity purchased.

Our partner FoodPrint has a fun and easy quiz that helps you better understand the concept of a foodprint and shows you how well you’re doing so far.

How Does Your Diet Contribute to Climate Change? The New York Times quiz allows you to choose common meals and beverages to see how your carbon foodprint compares to others.

The Meat Calculator shows you how much water and carbon dioxide you save if reducing your meat consumption. It also tells you the approximate number of animals that could live from your reduction.

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