Coat of Hopes

Coat of Hopes for COP26

From 11th to 13th September, a COP26 pilgrimage from Newhaven to Glasgow will be in Milton Keynes. An artist on the pilgrimage will be wearing a ‘Coat of Hopes’ made up of 300 patches each representing a person or a group’s hopes for the future – for them, their families, their locality, their world.  

Those taking part will receive a patch pack with materials, instructions and a guide for reflecting on your hopes for the future to form the basis for your patch design.   You can use your own materials, threads and embellishments so long as the patch is made to the exact size and shape of the template sent in the patch pack.Your patch will be sewn in place when the coat arrives in MK.   The deadline for making patches and delivering them to Margaret Broadhurst is Friday 10 September.

If you or a group would like to make a patch or have any questions please contact Margaret Broadhurst on 07769975846, 01908 606217,

A message from the Coat of Hopes artist Barbara Keal:

Organisers of the COP 26 Pilgrimage:

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