Welcome to our 2024 Monthly Eco Challenge

Every action you take can make a difference to the climate crisis. Whilst we all have an individual responsibility to do something to help combat climate breakdown, we believe that together we have the power to bring about more impactful positive change.

Transition Town Milton Keynes (TTMK) invites you to join us in doing a new eco(-friendly) challenge each month of 2024.

TTMK Eco challenge 2021

The format

Every month, the eco-challenge will be based on a different theme that is relevant to the time of year and the latest sustainability topics of interest.

Keeping to the theme, we’ll have a “First Step” challenge for those new to the topic, and for those already familiar with doing action on it, there’ll be a “Step Up” challenge.

Our active community

Come back to our website, follow us on social media, sign-up to our newsletter, and join our monthly Social Evening for updates and to share your reflections, observations, tips, and stories.

Our Social Evenings will have a different guest speaker each month who has some expertise on the eco-challenge subject area. Come along to ask questions, mingle with fellow challengers over drinks and nibbles, and to discover more about the reasons why your monthly challenge is important.

Why we’re doing this

We want as many people to take part as possible so that we can spread the word about the fantastic climate actions we’re all taking together and inspire others to join in. Look out for our Padlets to accompany the challenge each month, to share your thoughts and keep track of your progress through online comments.

Our eco-challenge community is about being inclusive and supportive, so you’ll find each challenge has a range of options so that you can do the level that’s right for you. This is not about doing everything perfectly. It’s about doing what we can, sharing our ideas, and inspiring positive climate action that’s good for you and for the planet.

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Monthly eco-challenges

FEBRUARY 2024Try our Save energy. Save money. Save the planet. challenge