Opportunities to share in Milton Keynes


Part of the Local Exchange and Trading Network (LETS) in the UK, this membership based group has been in existence for over 20 years. With their fun currency, Concrete Cows, you can obtain services, expertise, work or ideas from other members and give back yourself.

Contact MKLetNet or visit their website MKLetNet

Community Fridges

There are six community fridges in Milton Keynes, with four currently open under lockdown. You can take up to 10 items from the fridges and donations of fresh in-date food and grocery items will be well received. (Don’t bin it… share it!)

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Little Libraries

Great Linford parish council has several “Little Libraries” where people can leave and borrow books. It’s that simple.

Community Orchards

There are many different community orchards and areas where remnants of old orchards remain around Milton Keynes. Some are run by local councils e.g. Fenny Stratford (in photo) or Great Linford (see here) and the Parks Trust has some, including the one at Woughton-on-the-Green. Conniburrow also has a community orchard which is run by a local group and supported by the local council.

There is a rather old list on Top Orchards and if anyone could let us know which of these are still accessible, we would be grateful. Please contact us here or email us at

Milton Keynes Council Car Share Scheme

It is described as the UK’s most successful car share scheme and is for those who work in Central Milton Keynes; it offers significant discounts on parking in the town centre, as well the chance to save on fuel. Details can be found here.

Other local sharing…

We will update this page as we come across other examples. If you are part of a group that shares skills or resources, please let us know or email