Services typically account for about 3% of our carbon footprints – although the more we spend, the bigger they are likely to be.

Some examples are:

  • Internet
  • Home insurance
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Memberships and subscriptions (anti-virus, streaming services, gyms, etc.)
  • Professional services – financial advisers, dog-groomers, etc.

All of these services have a carbon footprint of some kind and when we buy, subscribe or pay, we are consuming part of that carbon footprint. Their carbon footprint comes from the buildings, the IT infrastructure, the telephones, the staff, the goods, they purchase and consume. etc.

We can care about where we buy our services and whether they are “doing their bit” to reduce their carbon footprint and therefore ours and, when it comes to renewal, we can make their carbon footprint part of our choice.

Images – “FON Wireless Router” by nrkbeta “Price of Houses in the UK” by Images_of_Money “People in very public gym” by Mike_fleming is licensed under CC BY 2.0