Other Shopping

This is all the shopping for physical items that is not covered in the other categories. This includes things like sports equipment, toiletries, materials for hobbies, etc.

Most of us would consider that we don’t spend much on this – however, the average UK citizen is thought to spend £35 per week or £1,820 a year. Obviously estimating what the carbon footprint is on such a mixed bag is difficult, but these additional goods account for about 7% of our individual annual carbon budgets. So we definitely have room here to reduce our overall total if we tackle this area.


Work our how much you spend a year on items that are not food, garments, gadgets, books or appliances and see if you can reduce it by at least 20%. So if you are average and spent £1820 last year, by cutting it back to £1450 this year, you would be on track to reduce your carbon footprint in this area by 20%.

Images – “Victoria Square has a toy (sport equipment) box” by msayswhat, “Singapore Airlines First Class Toiletry Kit” by Dan Nevill, “loom-at-home” by RuTemple