Climate Cafés

Do you find yourself dithering about actions to take, trying to decide what is most effective and the most ethical and then, perhaps, deciding to leave it for the moment?

Do you find yourself in conflict with others because they see the importance of climate change differently?

Do you have children that ask difficult questions or express some anxiety, say about all the fish dying or too many fires?

Do you find yourself getting anxious about biodiversity loss and climate change?


Would you just like to talk to other people about environmental issues without having to feel that either that you know too much or too little?

Why are we proposing Climate Cafés?

We want to offer a space for all of the above and more. Once we are able to meet face to face again, we hope to hold regular meetings with small numbers of people to discuss what we are doing about climate change, what we can do and how it affects us.

Our intention is to be warm and friendly. We hope to meet you soon.

Contact us or email us, if you are interested or would like to know more.