Litter Picking

Litter picking is good for the environment and your local area. This is particularly true in Milton Keynes as we have such an effective recycling facility. 

When litter picking, it is a good idea to work in pairs – one with a recycling sack and the other with a black bag so that cans etc can be recycled straight away.

The Parks Trust organise litter picking sessions in the summer. And keep your eyes peeled for litter picking events featured on our blog. If you know of others, please let us know so we can promote!

Plogging MK

Plogging is an activity coming from Sweden. It stands for jogging while picking up litter, which is Swedish is plocka upp.

Here in Milton Keynes, we are so lucky to have countless cycle paths thanks to the Redways yet, they seem to come with a large amount of litter. 

MK Plogging is a small initiative aiming to help protect our local environment whilst exercising and making the most of the safe paths which have been created for local communities to enjoy. Working with local authorities and running clubs, MK Plogging aims to contribute to other local litter picking activities and keep people active. 

Why it’s important:

Littering has a tremendous impact on the environment. From misallocation of resource to clean instead of protecting the environment to allowing diseases to develop and potentially harming the wildlife. It also disrupts the waterways and contributes to the amount of plastic found in oceans. 

While picking up litter is a great way to raise awareness and protect our environment, plogging also allows adding different movements to your regular runs and train with a purpose.

How to join or support (& who to contact):

Are you interested in being part of the Plogging MK initiative? To find out more about our upcoming events or just who in the MK Plogging  is running close to you, please email